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The Brasserie
The Bar
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Something to Eat?

Panini and other savoury food items

(All are freshly made to order)


Sandwiches made from a selection of speciality breads

Toasted Panini's

Ciabatta rolls


Jumbo bagel


Why not compliment your choice with some chunky chips? 



Made to order!


Jacket potatoes

Oven baked potatoes with a choice of hot or cold fillings


Not feeling that hungry?

Selection of rustic breads served with olives, olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Chunky chips



Sweet Tooth?



Why not try one of our freshly baked home-made cakes or muffins?

Scone, preserve and butter

Muffins (please see our displayed selection)

Slice of Cake


Other sweet delights



Eccles Cake



Performance munchies




Bagged sweets

Ice creams








                       from 1.85


                       from 3.25

                       from 3.50

                       from 3.50

                       from 3.65


                       for extra 1


                       from 5.50



                       from 4.50





                       only 3.25

                       only 1.95











                       only 1.50

                       only 1.65


                       only 2.00




                       only 75p

                       only 1.25

                       only 1.75

                       only 1.85



                       only 60p

                       only 1.95

                       from 55p

                       only 2.20

                       only 2.00

Wherever possible our team of chefs use fresh ingredients that have been locally sourced